Frequently Asked Questions

What is ? is an online tool that can be used to generate premium links from links to cloud file servers like and This service is offered in both the free version (for those who can not afford a premium account for hosting cloud files) and the premium version, so using you can download files as a premium member for free from different file hosting sites. The download is fast and secure, and if you are a premium member, you have more advantages than a free member.
What is the file size limit?
The file size limit is the same limit as the daily traffic limit shown in the Filehost table, respecting of course the limits set by the website of each Filehost for premium users.
Are the files stored on the servers?
The files are transmitted to an external server and from there to the user through a link that is generated at the time the user requests. The link is only available for a short period of time and is automatically programmed to be deleted. So do not try to share the direct link because the link will only work for your ip and for a limited time.
Is it possible to share the account with third parties?
No. Each account is for personal use only and you are not allowed to share it with others because the server resources are shared among all, so it would disrupt the experience of other users who also use the same server. please note that your IP address and account may be banned if you are caught sharing accounts or abusing server resources.