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Our terms
  • Illegal files & copyrighted material are absolutely forbidden to download.
  • All premium links are user-generated, please read about DMCA.
  • We are not affiliated with any file hosting companies.
  • All links are terminated after a short period of time.
  • You agree that www.uploadedpremiumlink.net is not responsible for any content you accessed or downloaded from provided hyperlinks.
  • www.uploadedpremiumlink.net service may only used for purposes that do not break any international laws.
  • Violation of any international law/regulation by downloading illegal material is prohibited.
  • Thus, by using our service to download any content, you acknowledge that you are the rightful copyright owner/license and you further warrant that the content download is in tandem with all cyber-regulations.
  • www.uploadedpremiumlink.net takes no responsibility for how the users utilize our services, the website is available in an "as is" format and is "free-for-all" to use.
  • www.uploadedpremiumlink.net reserves the right to change the TOS as and when required.
  • Users are advised to check this page for any changes.
  • Using the services www.uploadedpremiumlink.net will be considered as an acknowledgement of this TOS.
Service Provided
www.uploadedpremiumlink.net is a SaaS (Software As A Service) with his technical infrastructure, that give a downloading management to their customer. This is a All-In-One and Ready To Use solution, where no storage is made on our side, we act as a tool to make the process of downloading easier on multiple storage services.
Personal Use
  • The user account is personal and unique.
  • Account sharing is not allowed
  • Automatic and manual checks are performed.
  • To ensure the stability and fairness of the quality of services to our users, a fair use is internally implemented. Temporary restrictions may be implemented when the misuse of a User can degrade quality of service for other users.
Suspension And Termination
www.uploadedpremiumlink.net may suspend or terminate an account automatically and without notice Services In case of serious or repeated violation by the User of contractual obligations related to compliance with legislation in force Failure to comply with these terms and conditions If requested by the competent authorities
Request to Remove User Account
The user can at any time request a deletion of its users information. His request will be processed within 48 hours, to do that send an email to support@uploadedpremiumlink.xyz making your request.